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Audio: Casino

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Cool and Groovy Funk score. Live Contrabass with funky percussion’s and Rhodes keys. Ocean 11 Style. Very funky and cool, great for lounge, gambling, cool detective, mystery, Hotel Casino, las vegas videos, jazz , luxury, restaurants, hotels, cafe, entertainment centers and more. This casino track sounds like : atmospheric, beautiful,… Read more »

Audio: Spy

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action, cinematic, dramatic and adventure track in the style of movies like James Bond and Mission: Impossible, as well as this music is perfect for cartoons and video games.

Audio: Inspiring and Motivational Upbeat Explainer

An uplifting corporate pop rock track perfect for presentations, intros, explainers, advertising, marketing and other corporate productions. Featuring a catchy but simple guitar harmonic melody, the piece gradually builds with piano, pads, guitar and uptempo drums to reach an uplifting conclusion. Included are two versions, a shorter version and the… Read more »

Audio: Deep Thoughts

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‘Deep Thoughts’ is a sentimental cinematic track that features guitars, strings, piano and and deep drums. The steady plucking sounds invoke a sense of thought, and timelessness. The instruments build as the song progresses, finishing in an emotional ending. This song is perfect for promotional videos, commercials, advertisements, movie trailers,… Read more »

Audio: Glitch

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Glitch Contains 12 audio files in WAV format. Thanks for listening. Items: 1) Item – 0:02 2) Item – 0:04 3) Item – 0:05 4) Item – 0:04 5) Item – 0:04 6) Item – 0:04 7) Item – 0:02 8 ) Item – 0:08 9) Item – 0:08 10)… Read more »

Audio: Positive Pop

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Summer Energetic Upbeat Pop – uplifting inspirational catchy track in style of: Pop, Synth Pop, House, Funk, Electro, EDM,, 80’s, Electronica, Electronic, Rock. Which is full of joy, happines and optimism. Instruments used: guitars, synthesizer, punchy drums. Summer Energetic Upbeat Pop – will useful for: Viral Marketing Campaign, Mobile Phone… Read more »